Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We Want Your Photos--Plus More News From Eloquent Hair Co

New Product Line Coming Soon

We have been very busy at Eloquent Hair working on a new line of half wigs that will offer the ultimate in versatility, more details and specifics regarding the new line coming in the next few weeks!

In The Know: What's Happening At Eloquent Hair?

As stated earlier we have been busy on the new product line in addition to implementing modifications based on customer feedback, here are some of the most recent changes:

New Density Options 
Variety is the spice of life, and you can now select the density on all units-- here is a breakdown of the new density options:
  • Normal This is our standard density which all units come with and it comparable to 8 oz of hair.
  • Medium Provides a subtle increase in density, unit features a full 10oz of hair.  
  • Heavy Very full head of hair, good for performers or those seeking the ultimate "big" hair look total of  12oz of hair.

Darker Lace on Part-It Lace Wigs
All units now feature darker lace to help conceal the lace with your own hair. We can also make the lace completely black for those that prefer. If you prefer a different color lace, just include the information in the notes section when placing your order, as we can also do the lace in almost any other color.

We Want Your Photos
In case you haven't noticed, there is now a new section on the website that shows real life shots of our fabulous customers rocking their Eloquent Hair units. We enjoy seeing your photos as they offer another perspective on how the units look in real life, plus we get to see how our customers customize the units to make them their own.

If you have photos that you would like to share, just send them to us as a thank you for sharing the photos we will provide you a discount code good for 5% off your next purchase. 

Until Next Time Beauties...Stay Fabulous!

The Eloquent Hair Team,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Shipping In February Plus More FAQ's

Love is in the air at Eloquent Hair and this month we are offering a great way for you to treat yourself to a special Valentines gift of fabulous hair! Spend $250 on any of our items and you will receive FREE shipping (no coupon code needed as discount is automatically applied). Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up a few gorgeous half wigs or part it lace wigs.

Get To Know Eloquent Hair

Lately we have received several inquiries regarding our company and in order to help get more information out about us we decided to do a short post on some of the most frequently asked questions.  Enjoy

Are you located in the US?

Yes, we are headquartered in California.

What does the pre-order statement mean on your website?

Due to the high demand of our products we accept orders from our customers and then on a set date we close out all orders for the specified delivery date on our website and begin production on those. All of our items are custom made to your unique specifications and since we hand-make all of our wigs the end result is a high quality unit that will last for a very long time.

Do you offer other color options like two-tone for your wigs?

Yes, we offer two-tone colors—in fact we can do almost any combination of colors you would like! Just give us a call at 866-701-6101 and one of our helpful account representatives can help you or send us an email!

What does cuticle correct mean?
This simply means that all the cuticles are attached to the hair and that they all run in the same direction. If the cuticles are not aligned properly the end result is hair that tangles.

Can I vary the position of the part area on your part it lace wigs?
Yes, the great thing about the part it lace wigs (beside the fact that they offer a wonderful alternative to lace wigs) is that the part area can be switched to wherever you would like.

Thanks for reading beauties!

Eloquent Hair Co.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year, New Promotions At Eloquent Hair

We are almost two weeks into 2012 and it is hard to believe how quickly 2011 ended. It seems that we were just getting started as a small hair company based out of California with a mission of providing high quality half wigs and hair pieces for women. Since then, we have grown tremendously and we are confident that this growth is directly related to the value that we bring our customers.

One of the first of many changes that we have implemented is that we now offer pre-orders on all of our half wigs and part-it-lace wigs. That's right--our entire inventory of half wigs & part it lace wigs! Now is the perfect opportunity for you to choose the color and length up to 20" of your choice and we will ship your items out to you on or around Feb 17, 2012 and you will receive them within 2 to 3 days. If you have any questions or concerns regarding pre-orders give us a call at 1-866-701-6101 or send us an email at

New Year, New Promotion:
The second announcement is that Eloquent Hair is now on Facebook, and you can join us there by "Liking" our page. By doing so, you will be entered into our drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate for use on our website we will announce the winner once we reach 100 fans on our Facebook page.

We are well on our way of hitting our goal of 100 fans, but we need each and every one of you to help us get there. So share with your friends and family to help get the word out! Not only will you be eligible for the gift certificate, but you will also learn about new products, specials and friend-only promotions that we offer throughout the year.

Looking forward to connecting with each of you!
Eloquent Hair Co. Team

Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our new blog, we hope it becomes a great resource for you as we will post information, tips and more regarding our half wigs as well as any news or updates from Eloquent Hair. We look forward to connecting with you all!

The Eloquent Hair Co. Team